Gary Harrison Hearn

Born 1945 in England


Gary's passion for art started at a early age and he began studying Art, evenings and weekends at Penmore House College of Art and Design in Derbyshire, England

But sadly Gary was unable to continue his studies when it became necessary to find  employment to provide an income for his widowed mother.

Later he pursued a career in the Construction and Marine industry living and working in Great Britain, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Gibraltar and the Maldives Islands.


After serving 12 years in the Royal Air Force, Gary emigrated to Australia. Working for a number of years in Marine Engineering, Medical Services, Construction industry and as a Social Housing Manager for the Western Australian State Government.


In 1995 Gary was encouraged to return to his passion for painting by F.Francis Younger, renowned Watercolourist, Graphic Designer and President of the Western Australian Watercolour Society.

Gary began again painting with watercolours as his chosen medium and was influenced by the work of Sir William Russell Flint, J.M.W. Turner and Australian artist, Robert A.Wade.


Gary's reputation has grown as he has continued to develop his individualistic style which incorporates both vibrant and sensitive use of colour, creating striking and lingering atmospheric impressions.


In December 2002 Gary, together with his wife Ilka returned to Europe to live in Heidelberg, Germany. 

In 2010 Gary changed his medium to oil on canvas and began painting abstracts after being inspired by local German artist Emile Maul.


Gary has now established himself as a competent artist producing some innovative and striking colourful abstract, 

surealism and traditional paintings. His work can be found in private collections in Australia, England, France, Germany, Poland and South Africa.


“There is Art in our blood” said Gary.

My son Heath Hearn is a renowned international abstract artist and my granddaughter, Lowena Hearn completed her studies in Conceptual Art at St. Martin's College of Art and Design in London.