The Many Faces of Vietnam

In February 2008 I travelled with my wife Ilka for 4 weeks in Vietnam.
We went from Saigon in the south to Hanoi in the north and in the hill country close to the Chinese border.

It was on this journey that I became fascinated with the Vietnam people and took hundreds of photographs with the intention of painting a new series namely “The Many Faces of Vietnam”

I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, but for me, both personally and from an artist’s perspective, I was captivated by the facial expressions of the Vietnamese. There appeared to be a certain sadness in their eyes, both young and old.

I could only interpret that the older generation were still contemplating the adversities they had experienced and suffered over the past 50 years. As for the younger generation there seemed to be a certain bewilderment about what their future holds. This touched my heart deeply and inspired me on my return to Germany to paint this series.

I sincerely hope I have been able to portray in my work the atmosphere, warmth and often sadness of the people of Vietnam.